What is online counseling?

On-line counseling, also called e-therapy, e-counseling, tele-health, tele-therapy, and cyber-counseling, is a way for a therapist and client(s) to participate in counseling online. Online counseling is usually done through chat, telephone or video sessions. The benefits to online counseling include the convince of time, money, and energy. A person, couple, family or group can meet with a counselor from their own home, work, or traveling on the road. This benefits, both the client and therapist, as it enables people to feel comfortable in a space that is their own and allows for a potentially more open relationship and fewer scheduling issues.

Why do I offer on-line counseling? My main goal as a counselor is for you to be able to feel comfortable and relaxed in the counseling setting. Counseling is most successful if you feel that you have control over the what, where, when and how of a session. By working with you either by chat, phone or video sessions in your own space, you get to set the pace, focus and goals of counseling. I am there to support, guide and help you stay on the track with your goals.

Remember that no matter how busy you are if you care about yourself then you can always find time to help you. In order to find out how I can help you be successful in counseling go to beginwithincounseling.com. Through my website we can get started in an online counseling relationship.

Andrea Begin, LPC

Andrea Begin, LPC

Andrea has over 16 years of counseling experience in a variety of settings. Andrea has a MA in Counseling Psychology and Counseling Education from University of Colorado.

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